What Are The Different Types Of HVAC Units?

What Are The Different Types Of HVAC Units?

Exploring HVAC Options: A Comprehensive Guide

At Corman & Sons Air Conditioning and Heating, we’re dedicated to being your reliable ally in crafting the ideal indoor atmosphere for your residence or enterprise. With a rich history of expertise and an unwavering dedication to quality, we stand ready to lead you through the multifaceted realm of HVAC systems. Recognizing the array of choices at your disposal plays a pivotal role in ensuring that you make well-informed decisions regarding your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning requirements. Join us as we delve into the diverse landscape of HVAC units, empowering you to select the optimal solution for your unique space.

Heating and Cooling Split Systems: The HVAC Standard

The Split HVAC System is the most common type found in homes and businesses. It consists of two main components: an indoor unit, which includes the evaporator coil and blower, and an outdoor unit, housing the compressor and condenser coil. These systems are highly efficient, providing both heating and cooling, making them perfect for year-round comfort. If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile HVAC solution, our team at Corman & Sons is well-equipped to install and maintain Split Systems tailored to your specific requirements.

Hybrid HVAC Systems: Energy-Efficient Heating Solutions

Hybrid HVAC systems are innovative, energy-efficient solutions that combine the best of both worlds: an electric heat pump and a gas furnace. These systems automatically switch between electric heating and gas heating based on outdoor temperature, ensuring optimal efficiency and cost savings. Hybrid systems are a fantastic choice for those seeking eco-friendly options without compromising on comfort. Our expert technicians specialize in heat pump installation in Eustis, ensuring your hybrid system is installed flawlessly and operates at peak performance.

Duct-Free Mini-Split Units: Tailored Comfort, Room by Room

Duct-free mini-split HVAC units provide individualized climate control for specific rooms or zones in your home or office. These systems are ideal for spaces without ductwork, offering flexibility in installation and energy efficiency. Duct-free mini-split units are compact and quiet, allowing for personalized temperature settings in different areas and ensuring everyone’s comfort. Our HVAC company in Eustis excels in installing these units, ensuring your space remains comfortable all year round.

Packaged Heating and Air: Efficient Climate Control Solutions

Packaged heating and air systems are all-in-one units that house the compressor, condenser, and evaporator in a single cabinet. These systems are commonly used in commercial spaces but can also be an excellent choice for residential applications, especially in areas with limited indoor space. Packaged units are easy to install, energy-efficient, and provide consistent heating and cooling. At Corman & Sons Air Conditioning and Heating, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of packaged heating and air systems, ensuring efficient climate control for your home or business.
In conclusion, choosing the right HVAC system is essential for your comfort and energy efficiency. Whether you opt for a traditional split system, a hybrid solution, duct-free mini-split units, or a packaged heating and air system, Corman & Sons Air Conditioning and Heating is your reliable partner in HVAC solutions. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing top-notch service, including expert heat pump installation in Eustis. Contact us today, and let us transform your indoor environment into a haven of comfort and energy efficiency.