What are air conditioning unit ratings? The SEER Rating

What are air conditioning unit ratings? The SEER Rating

What are air conditioning unit ratings? The SEER Rating

When temperatures climb, tempers and energy bills rise as people battle against the heatwave. What makes the cycle grind to a welcome halt? How do you cool down all the negativity that hot weather brings about? It might be time to take a closer look at a high-quality air conditioning unit and discover how one unit’s SEER rating can make the difference between (quite literally) expelling hot or cold air!

What Do You See a High SEER Rating Doing For You?

SEER is an acronym that describes exactly why your unit functions how it functions. Is it a mediocre unit? Does it operate at a high level? The SEER rating or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio gives you the inside info on how one air conditioning unit would measure up compared to another via its overall:

  • Costs related to its operation
  • Unit age
  • Energy efficiency as a whole

The older an air conditioning system is, the more likely it will have a lower SEER rating. If your AC unit has a SEER rating of under 10, it may be more of a conversation piece rather than a hard-working unit that translates to savings for you. Do you want a cooling system that doesn’t use as much energy to cool your space? Are you appreciative when you stay comfortably cool without your wallet feeling the pinch? Look for the air conditioning system that receives a rating of 14 and above. Higher ratings mean better savings long term!

How Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Measure Up?

Did your air conditioning unit have a high SEER rating many years ago when you first purchased it? Notwithstanding, as your unit ages, efficiency eventually decreases. Imagine how dysfunctional a unit with a low SEER rating at the moment of purchase is after time’s heavy hand takes its toll! Most wouldn’t hazard a guess that it would be very inefficient after years of use!

How do you stop your unit from costing you more to keep cool now and in the future? When seeking to purchase your AC unit, asking questions before buying is a way to keep costs down and expectations high. Here are a few questions you might pose to ensure you choose wisely:

  • How much do I want to spend to reap long-term savings?
  • What unit with a high SEER rating seems to fit my budget best?
  • Do I have instant access to trustworthy maintenance options to keep my air conditioning unit fine-tuned and running efficiently?
  • How often will I run my unit? If it will get maximum or minimum use depending on my climate, what AC unit should I buy?
  • What’s the local minimum SEER rating requirement for my area? (This question can help you determine the amount of use you may see from your air conditioning system.)

For many, seeking out the ideal air conditioning system for their home or business is one of the most important purchases they’ll make! Higher SEER ratings typically mean more out-of-pocket expenses upfront. Yet, high-quality rated AC units pay for themselves many times over–over the years.

Your Ideal Heating and Air Conditioning Unit Would?

Have we stressed enough how a high SEER rating leans favorably towards bringing you comfort and lower costs? If not, here are a few more pertinent details to help you “see” the value in SEER ratings! The heating and air conditioning unit you select should:

  1. Counterbalance high energy costs by using less energy to provide excellence in heating and cooling regulation.
  2. Be customized to fit your particular climate. SEER ratings are given based on standardized testing. The temperature, humidity, and even the insulation and ductwork effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) in your home should factor into what heating and air conditioning unit you choose.
  3. Help you do some energy output and consumption math to determine what should change or remain the same. SEER ratings compare energy output to consumption. Ask your AC unit expert how you can use BTU and the SEER rating to determine how much energy your home is using.
  4. Be installed by experienced installers. You save money when your higher SEER-rated air conditioning system installation is a success. There are different factors that heating and cooling system professionals consider when they install your unit.

Why Your higher SEER Helps You See Success!

If you are sweating the details, don’t worry! Heating and cooling experts are waiting to help you discover the best solution for your needs! You can keep your energy costs down, your quality of life up, and your anxiety away by choosing a custom system for your household. You’ll feel comfortable in your home when you “see” the possibilities with a SEER-rated system that goes above 14! It may be one of the most valuable purchases you make!

Currently, the minimum 14 SEER rating is what you’ll typically find from most companies. 16 SEER rated systems are typically 2 speed and variable speed installations. We offer a variety of higher SEER rated systems because, here at Corman and Sons, we want you to have a more efficient system that can potentially cut your power bill in half!

Do you need help keeping a cool head in the middle of a heatwave?! At Corman and Sons, creating an environment of comfort for you is simple! Who doesn’t need a quality heating and cooling air conditioning unit that keeps it cool when things heat up! And we have the ideal combination of experts, tools, and products to lower the temperature and up your comfort level! Want to find out more? What SEER rating makes sense for your home or business? You can gain access to invaluable resources in all things heating and cooling when you contact Corman and Sons today! Let us help you stay cool as you invest in a future filled with comfort and quality!