Does AC Need Recharging

Does AC Need Recharging

Does AC Need Recharging

To provide you with clarity- the term “Freon” is commonly used to mean refrigerant. However, “Freon” is actually a brand name of refrigerant. There are different types of refrigerant, and your AC system needs a specific type.

How Do I Know if My AC Needs Freon/Refrigerant?

If your AC is not cooling your home, there could be a chance your system is low on refrigerant.

If you run your AC without the required amount of refrigerant, it can induce other problems.

If you suspect your HVAC system is low on freon/refrigerant, call us at (352) 343-8578. If you explain what you are experiencing with your system, we can elaborate on the required steps to get your equipment operating again.

How Much Freon/Refrigerant Does My AC Need?

This depends on your specific AC system. Your HVAC equipment will come with a label that provides these specific details. The size of your air conditioner, the length of the copper refrigerant lines, the SEER rating, and the model of your system are variables that need to be considered, prior to knowing how much refrigerant your AC will need.

How Often Does My Air Conditioner Need Freon/Refrigerant?

As long as your system is leak free, your HVAC should not require freon/refrigerant.

Here is the reason why…

The refrigerant inside your AC is contained, and flows only through a sealed, closed loop set of coils. This freon just circulates through your closed system to help cool the air. Refrigerant is not designed to be used up like fuel inside of a vehicle. As long as your system does not have a leak, you should never need a freon charge.

If you are experiencing a situation where your HVAC is running but not cooling, you may have a refrigerant leak.

AC not cooling? Common causes, fixes, and troubleshooting guide.

Would you like an HVAC specialist to evaluate your system for low refrigerant? We can help.

How Can I Tell if My AC Is Leaking Refrigerant?

Without an appropriate pressure test, it would be challenging to confirm a refrigerant leak in your system.

However, the most common signs of refrigerant leaks are…

  • Your AC is not cooling the home.
  • Visible ice buildup on your evaporator coils
  • Your AC system makes a “hissing” sound while running.
  • The AC seems to run longer than normal.
  • Recently higher utility bills.
  • Heat blows out of your ducts instead of cool air.

If your HVAC system is having an issue and you would like to hire professional help, then we are the company to count on.

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