Central AC Blowing Hot Air Causes Fixes FAQ

Central AC Blowing Hot Air Causes Fixes FAQ

Central AC Blowing Hot Air Causes Fixes FAQ

Typically, when your central air conditioner is blowing hot air, it’s due to these three main reasons:

  1. Your thermostat may be set to “Heat” and not “Cool”
  2. Your HVAC fan is “On” and not “Auto”
  3. Your compressor (located outside of your home) is clogged, dirty, or has malfunctioned.

These problems can be easily fixed by setting your thermostat to “Cool,” ensuring your HVAC fan is set to “auto,” and reassure your compressor is not clogged or dirty.

If you confirmed none of the above components are your issue- Why else would your home’s air conditioner be blowing warm air?

  1. Your compressor may have broken down.
  2. Your HVAC filter could be dirty or needs replacement.
  3. Tripped electrical breaker
  4. Insufficient quantity of freon/refrigerant.

If your compressor seems to be running, and you’ve checked all other aspects of your system, your HVAC unit may be leaking refrigerant.


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Finding a refrigerant leak is extremely difficult unless you have specialized HVAC equipment to detect a leak in your refrigerant lines.

Refrigerant leak detection is best left to a licensed HVAC company.

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