Air Filter Wet AC Unit Symptoms In HVAC

Air Filter Wet AC Unit Symptoms In HVAC

What to do when your HVAC air filter is wet?

Before you run your HVAC system again, you’ll definitely need to replace your filter. You’ll also want to confirm the cause of water.

Running your HVAC system while the filter is wet can spread moisture throughout your ductwork and home. This moisture, if left alone, can result in mildew and bacteria growth.

How to Clear a Clogged HVAC Condensation Drain?

If you can find the end of the drain, the simplest way is through the use of a shop-vac.

  • Locate the end of the condensation drain.
  • Utilizing a shop-vac, attach the hose to the condensate drain and seal the connection with tape, or a towel to create an air-tight connection.
  • Turn the shop-vac on to attempt sucking out the debris from the drain.

If you’d like video instructions on how to achieve this, you can watch this brief YouTube video here: Unclog AC Condensation Drain Line

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